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06 Jul 2015

Web designing is a fast growing field that basically help many companies and organizations to enjoy a far reaching contact with target customers. Following features are kept in mind when creating a website.

Creating the web page layout - Layout decides the look of a website. This is a very important function as a web page is the first interface between the user and the company. Web Design in Montreal takes care of these aspects.

Graphics – This includes a variety of things like pictures, logo, clipart, icons, etc. They make a webpage user friendly and easy to navigate. Their appropriate positioning is a critical task.

Colour and Fonts – The choice of colours and fonts can influence the entire look of a website. Most web browsers can only read specific fonts so a web designer has to use ‘web safe’ fonts. Colors add to the personality of a website. It’s human nature to get attracted to colours so they play an important role in web designing. But one must be careful and should not go overboard with the use of colours. The colour choice depends on the purpose and the target audience. 

Content – This is the life of any website. The content needs to be original and unique. This is what will make people visit the website. There has to be some relevant information which the end users find useful. The written text should be useful and simple. It should not confuse the user.

These are the basic elements which go into making a website. The website should be attractive, informative and relevant. The company must be able to share its mission, vision and values.

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